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The next step is introducing this product in new markets of Eastern Europe and Russia, where we expect to reach similar levels of acceptance given the introduction of these emerging countries into the lifestyle of Western Europe.

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Terrallana Natural www. Se puede usar en platos dulces y salados con carne, pescado o pasta , en sopas,. Su sabor y textura es muy diferente. Ajo negro de Terrallana Natural. Full professor of Nutrition and Bromatology, University of Seville. All nutrition guides agree that fruits and vegetables are essential elements of a healthy diet. At the same time, the risk involved due to food safety issues is low, and the ways where contamination can happen are known and under control in order to prevent it from occurring.

Good hygiene, thorough control measures as for agricultural practices, quality of irrigation water, harvesting, as well as throughout the rest of the chain are enough to effectively limit contamination and microbial growth in these products. The sector of fresh produce has evolved rather fast during the recent decades, with spectacular results regarding sales increase; parallel to it, there has also been a slight increase in the number of outbreaks and associated diseases. The Spanish sector of fruits and vegetables is pretty mature and specialised.

Taking a look at the annual reports of the Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed RASFF , the European body in charge of watching over and quickly informing of any risk, is enough to realise how Spanish fruits and vegetables are rarely involved in food alerts.

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In compliance with the European regulations on hygiene, the sector has drawn practical guidelines in order to guarantee the implementation of processes based on hazard analysis. These guidelines have been supervised by the competent authorities on the matter, and are a guarantee of the commitment to food safety.

The German Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety informed in October that a batch of frozen strawberries imported from China could be the source of a gastroenteritis outbreak that affected 10, plus people, most of them children. It seems that a multinational enterprise of collective catering purchased the strawberries in China but it is yet unknown whether the problem was the fruit itself or inadequate handling in kitchens or canteens.

The challenges in the field of pathogen control in fresh food are quite demanding, as microbes have proven their ability to adapt to other hosts like plants. Anyway, the challenge involving public health is clear: enhancing consumption of fruits and vegetables and at the same time calling on the observance of pretty strict hygiene norms that will allow for these products to reach consumers with all guarantees of freshness and healthiness.

Pozo Estrecho Km. Pozo-Aledo km 3. Cabezo Beaza.

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Commercial Director: Carmen Moya Ctra. La Alcudia. Manzano Commercial Director: Juan A. Collet Nacional km Director: Gaspar Romero Rambla de Bernal, 6. De Las Norias, km 1. Berja 8. Carlos III We turn the calendar page and find ourselves at the beginning of , a new year filled with expectations, in which the economic situation of many growers and other significant players in the agri-food industry will still be complicated, but also new challenges and opportunities arise.

This is a full declaration of intentions as for our contribution to the complex sector we operate in. Since several decades ago, the improvement of vegetable varieties is, besides one of our great passions, one of the master business lines of our enterprise. Our development team tests each and every new variety in the agroclimatic conditions of the Iberian Peninsula in order to be able to recommend the best options. The technical and commercial department is also largely involved in this test network and is always ready to solve any doubt raised by professionals in the sector.

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We also apply this commitment to our range of organic seeds, having a new catalogue with over 70 varieties of the most important vegetables for open air growth. All these varieties have been selected depending on their hardiness, their adequacy to the agroclimatic regions in the Iberian Peninsula, and have been obtained and bred through completely organic techniques. It has been especially bred for Southern European latitudes and adapts to traditional asparagus producer areas as different between them as Navarra or Extremadura.

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Likewise, we proudly announce the coming opening of our experimental plot El Aljibe, located in the municipality of Valladolises Murcia , with 40, square metres devoted to research, development and variety exhibition. We also plan to organise soon an Open Day to show different species of brassica. We face these challenges and opportunities with the illusion and professionalism that characterises us and we put ourselves entirely at your disposal.

We wish you the best of success.

El Masnou-Granollers km 10,2. La Redonda, Sales Manager. Poeta Vicente Gaos, 6 bajo. In this sense, the first projects involving convenience products of fruits and vegetables were set in motion longer than fifteen years ago, pursuing the aim of making consumption easier and giving response to the need of include fresh, high quality, healthy, safe food in our diet, spending less time to prepare them and keeping all their nutritional properties. And from then on, this business segment, the same as pre-cooked products, has developed unstoppably, further as for vegetables than fruits, with salads as flagship.

Salads ranked first, with 31, tonnes, followed by vegetables, 22, tonnes, and fruits, 1, tonnes. Whereas consumption of convenience fruits and vegetables per person per year reached 2. The former sank by Exports fell to a lesser extent, by It is also worth mentioning that volumes sold to catering and restaurants decreased by 2.

Producers and marketers themselves confirmed us the constant expansion of private brands, which reached Faced with such figures we can foresee that, although the growth of these products is not as exponential as in previous years, convenience food still has many expansion and market penetration possibilities.

In this sense, convenience fruit seems to be one of the major research lines in which many companies are investing. The use of active packaging is another work field presently active, at the same time the players look for cooperation formulas between every link in the chain for aspects like quality and food safety to be completely guaranteed and for shelf-life to be extended.

Head of the commercial department at Grupo El Ciruelo. Fruits are the forgotten ones in the sector of convenience products, maybe because they are not as easy to preserve as vegetables or salads. But thanks to diverse research projects that are being set in motion, we can find interesting offers on supermarket shelves nowadays, in addition to seedless, washed grapes, ready to eat, with no preservatives or additives.

One of the demands of this market is that raw materials must be top quality, with all natural and nutritional properties of the fruit guaranteed, with all its flavour. Convenience grape products will also allow for the broadening of distribution, meeting the established levels of quality. And to do that, a packaging that suited the demands of this new product is a priority, designed for grapes to gain quality while they reach consumers.

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For that reason, the commitment to this kind of products must be the result of. Thus Frut express is born, the new project of Grupo El Ciruelo. This is the ideal system not to forget fruit ant its nutritional values in any situation, with the safety of a packaging specifically designed to protect the fruit and its characteristics. These are ideal for children, perfect for the schoolyard or as snack, with the necessary nutritional complement for them. Box Poyo de Reva. Segovia, Nave Aux F4.

Balsapintada km. Chairman: Antonio Francisco Zamora Ctra. San Pancracio. Volume shrank to 2. Adverse weather registered in Western Europe caused considerable shrinkage in potato harvest, not only affecting Spain but also England and France, two of the main European producers together with Germany Graph 1. As a consequence, France significantly increased its export rate to Anglo-Saxon markets, trading 29, tonnes up to and including September while the usual would be between 4, and 5, tonnes.

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